RS Total Fitness is a family-run business, our goal is to make a difference for everyone who comes through the doors – from those who need some motivation to those who have a specific goal to achieve. Our primary objective is to see people living happy, healthier lives for themselves and their families and realize that exercising doesn’t have to be a chore. You’ll gain the confidence you need to move from your comfort zone. You’ll also establish new habits that will last you for life – a healthier lifestyle that is full of energy and vitality. Our RS family wants to be part of something that stands out from the crowd, to offer much more than people think they deserve, not just to create a gym but a community. We have helped thousands of people to attain their health and fitness goals. We have achieved this by providing a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that enables clients to achieve their goals, be comfortable and enjoy their time at the gym.

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Well here at RS Total Fitness, we’ve got you covered. With all-new equipment, a close family unit to ensure MAXIMUM results, and a wonderful experience for all to enjoy. Did I mention FREE? Drop us a message to claim yours today!