About Us

We have over 20 years of experience within the fitness industry, 9 years ago Richard took the plunge and opened his own gym in Seaham. A few years later we all jumped on the bandwagon and we became the family-run gym that we are today. We pride ourselves in welcoming everyone to our ‘home’ – old, young, fit, or a beginner, we will help you achieve your goal. In March 2020 we decided it was time to expand our business and we moved to Grangetown, Sunderland – this was a risk we knew we had to take, and thankfully it was the right thing to do. Our future aim is to continue to grow the business and help the community to reach their goals.

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📷 FREE 7 DAY UNLIMITED GYM & CLASS PASS 📷 We are proud to announce that due to wonderful feedback from past and current members, we are looking to give back to our community.For a limited time only, we are going to be giving away 30 FREE 7 Day passes to let you come in and see what all the big hype is about for yourself.
Well here at RS Total Fitness, we’ve got you covered. With all-new equipment, a close family unit to ensure MAXIMUM results, and a wonderful experience for all to enjoy. Did I mention FREE? Drop us a message to claim yours today!